Why a Sonic Facial Brush Is Worth Buying

by / Monday, 30 May 2016 / Published in Blog

A facial cleansing brush is a new technology that promotes better and deeper skin cleansing. It comes in many shapes and sizes, with some said to work better than others. Although the concept behind it is the same, which is to clean your face and stimulate treatments through the brush’s bristles, additional functions make a difference.

What are we talking about?


Sonic facial brush.

This product uses a precision-tuned sonic frequency that moves the bristles in an oscillating motion. It is also referred to as a sonic cleansing brush. The rapid movement of the brush’s bristles deep cleans your skin gently, clear pores, exfoliate skin lightly, and remove makeup residue.


Is it a worthy investment? 

Yes. A facial cleansing brush is designed to clear pores and remove makeup residue, even without washing your face. It provides an effective shortcut to skin care regimen, although it is not advisable to make it a regular practice. The right process is still to wash your face using soap and a facial cleanser suited to your skin type, followed by the use of a cleansing brush.

There are also several benefits to a sonic facial brush


  • It offers deep, even skin cleansing

Sonic cleansing uses a sonic frequency of around 127 Hz to move the brush bristles. It works just like a sonic toothbrush, which means you don’t need to move the brush yourself, only to guide it from one area of your face to another. This eliminates the difference in pressure that you may exert when rotating the brush head yourself, resulting in an even, deep cleansing.


  • It is more effective than regular face washing

A sonic facial brush not only clears pores, prevents acne and improves complexion, but also exfoliates. This covers several steps of your day and night beauty regimen, while minimizing the number of skin care products you need to use. Most of the time, you will only need a facial cleanser and an MSM cream that moisturizes your skin and adds a layer of protection. So it is not only effective in keeping your skin healthy, but it’s also light on your pocket.


  • It gets the hard-to-reach areas

The bristles on the brush have the ability to go deeper into the epidermis, effectively clearing out pores at a deeper level. No amount of facial scrub or exfoliation can do this as safely as a sonic facial brush.


  • It works better than manual cleansing

As previously mentioned, the use of a sonic frequency makes it easier to clean skin evenly and deeply. Manual cleansing doesn’t offer even distribution of pressure and treatment. Using your hands doesn’t offer deep cleansing, as it only touches the surface. This is why if you want to gain as much benefit from your beauty regimen, add a sonic facial brush into your skin-care kit.


Effective than manual cleansing. Requires less beauty products to use. Easier and more convenient to use. Clearly, a brush for sonic cleansing is worth buying. Use it properly, wash it thoroughly after every use, and you will make the most of your sonic facial brush. And why not choose the best most affordable brush on the market today, Lotus by Dr. K.