When is a Facial Cleansing Brush Right for you?

by / Friday, 27 May 2016 / Published in Blog

Taking good care of your skin involves a lot of things, and often calls for a regimen that should be followed religiously. One of the beauty products that are making waves today is a facial cleansing brush that is designed to simulate different treatments for different skin care problems, such as open pores, breakouts and blockages. It can also improve dull, dry complexion with regular use. Using a facial cleansing brush like Lotus By Dr. K and a MSM cream offers added benefits. But like with all things, some things work for some people while others don’t.


Why is a facial cleansing brush good for you? 

  • It clears up congested skin pores to prevent breakouts and acne

You probably know that one of the leading causes of pimples and acne are clogged pores. Because regular face washing is not enough to keep open pores clean, you need a cleansing brush to deal with the problem. Its bristles penetrate deeper into the epidermis for a deeper cleanse.

  • It serves as an exfoliate

Aside from keeping skin pores clear of debris, a facial cleansing brush also does a great job of exfoliation. This means you don’t need to buy additional exfoliating products to complete your daily or nightly beauty regimen.


When is a facial cleansing brush bad for you?

  • It is not suitable for your skin type

When it comes to most beauty products, what works for one person, won’t necessarily work for you. The same is true with a facial cleansing brush. Because the bristles brush over your skin, they could have an adverse effect on thin, sensitive skin, and one with a high color complexion of redness or with broken capillaries.

  • You are suffering from certain skin conditions

The use of a cleansing brush is not recommended for those with broken skin, sunburned skin and those infected with psoriasis, eczema and Rosacea. It is also not recommended following microdermabrasion or other aesthetic facial treatments that result in skin sensitivity.

  • It is used incorrectly

If you want to get the most benefit from a facial cleansing brush use it properly. It should be used with medium pressure, and no longer than approximately 3 to 4 minutes. It should not be used around the eyes, as the skin in this area is too thin and delicate. It should not be used more than twice a week, so as not to strip the natural acid mantle of your skin, disrupting the PH balance. It should be washed thoroughly after every use to eliminate bacteria. Get MSM cream benefits by using an MSM cream during or following treatment with a cleansing brush.

Take note that not all facial cleansing brushes on the market are safe to use, or offers the benefits you are looking for. Some of them may have firm bristles that can be too harsh for your skin. Any skin type should be handled with care, which is why you must choose a cleansing brush with soft bristles. Some of them may do more harm than good, especially when it’s equipped with the wrong type of brush. Remember, the facial cleansing brush you choose must be suitable for your skin type.


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