Facial Cleaning Brushes: Do They Really Work?
You’ve probably seen a facial cleansing brush at your favorite drugstore or on websites but are wondering if they’re worth the investment. Or you might keep pushing off the purchase because you think your hands or a wash rag is sufficient enough. But here’s the thing: when used properly, a facial cleansing brush is one
How Can Facial Brushes Give You a Deep, Thorough Clean?
If you’re looking for a cheap Clarisonic-like facial cleansing brush, but at a non-Clarisonic price, take a look at the Lotus Purifying Brush. It’s  facial  made of 120,000 silky soft bristles, which give your skin a nice massage while sweeping impurities away from your pores. As a result, it can effectively clean your pores and
What You Need to Know about MSM Cream?
If you regularly read beauty magazines or browse through drugstores or beauty boutiques, you’ve probably seen or heard about MSM cream. You might even know people who swear by this product and claim it’s helped them become more beautiful and radiant. But what exactly is MSM and how can it help you? Before we answer