Lotus vs Clarisonic

Lotus By DR. K


Brush is priced at incredibly affordable $89Brush priced $150 - $235
Cleanser is priced at only $38Cleanser priced $25 - $65
Water based cleanser, NO harsh chemicals, NO
pore-clotting ingredients!!!
Serum based or Gel based cleansers
- may clog your pores!!!
Brush is lightweight and exquisitely designedBrush is heavy with bulky design
120,000 silky incredibly soft bristles
Stiff, non gentle brush bristles
Each bristle moves at 10,000 revolutions per minuteOscillates 300 movements per second
Completely removes make-up from entire face
Does limited make-up removal
One brush head perfect for ALL skin types6 different brush heads that vary according to
your skin type
Automatically washes the brush daily and
prevents bristle build-up
Brush must be removed and washed manually
to remove residue buildup

Oval shape lets you cover whole face including eye
areas, to remove make-up
Circular head that needs to be used on T-zones
Only need to replace brush head once a year !!!Replace brush head every 3 months
(Replacement Head cost = ONLY $20/year)Replacement Head cost =($40 X 3 =$120/year) !!!
Used in circular motion over face, to firm and tone
skin, stimulating circulation.
Use t-zone method to wash face
Targets men & women, ages 11-69 and Teens to
help prevent acne

Target consumers are women aged 25-64
No plug-in power source powered by AAA batteryPlug-in charger power base
Easy to carry on & friendly travelDifficult to carry on or travel
The only cleanser that contains
to "ght bacteria !!!
No immustimulant against bacteria