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facial-cleansing-brushLotus by Dr. K is a Deep Pore Cleansing System developed specifically for Estheticians and Dermatologists that surpasses all other skin care treatments available in the market today.


We already did the research for you!

Our Team of Dermatologists spent months working to create an Advanced Facial Cleansing System that would be easy and effective to use, without irritation, and that gives users the satisfaction of knowing that they are working daily towards beautiful, healthier skin.

Compared to other skin care treatments, Lotus by Dr.K offers a product with No Harsh Chemicals, and that provides immediate, visible, and long-lasting results.

What makes us different, you ask?

  • Our revolutionary Pore Sonic Cleanser Brush provides a very gentle deep cleansing system without the use of harsh/ abrasive chemicals, or damaging brushes that may scrape or irritate your skin. In just 1 Step, makeup is removed, pores are cleansed, and skin is exfoliated without the use of harsh chemicals, and with a very gentle touch. It stimulates and firms your skin with the feeling of pure luxury. We use the most High Performance Sonic Technology. The brush has 120,000 ultra-soft silky microfiber bristles (vibrating at 10,000 rev/min) to completely remove make-up, deep pore cleanse, and to gently exfoliate, all in 1 step. The Lotus Brush can be used with any facial cleanser, and is extremely gentle!
  • Our Foaming Cleanser is safe for all skin types. This water-based formula promotes Skin Regeneration and Advanced Skin Repair. Our secret: Centella Asiatica. This medicinal herb has been an essential ingredient in Far Eastern Dermatological formulas for centuries, and is renowned for rejuvenating skin, repairing scars, refining wrinkles, and diminishing dry skin patches. VERY IMPORTANTLY, it includes antimicrobial properties and imunostimulant against bacteria. When used on a daily basis, this amazing herb has been shown to reduce irritation, repair collagen, and stimulate circulation, for glowing healthy skin.

Our Pure Performance line has been exquisitely designed for an effective and easy use, and yet is more affordable than most competitors!

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