How to Make Your Skin Care Routine More Effective with Lotus Dr. K

by / Friday, 03 June 2016 / Published in Blog
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Is a sonic face brush part of your skin care routine? If not, you should start using it now to achieve a youthful, glowing skin that is free of acne and cleansed thoroughly and deeply. But don’t just buy the first sonic facial brush you find.

Only trust Lotus by Dr. K for your skin, the new facial cleaning system that is highly recommended by dermatologists and estheticians. This advanced sonic pore cleanser removes bacteria, dirt and makeup gently and efficiently. It also exfoliates quicker, resulting in a faster skin turn over that can help reduce acne scars.

It is understandable that adding a sonic face brush into your daily beauty regimen would not be as easy, especially if you followed the same routine for as long as you can remember. There’s also a possibility of a breakout for the first two weeks of use, which, as your dermatologists would say, is normal due to a change in routine.


How do you ease a sonic face brush into your skin care routine?

  • To prevent breakouts, use a face wash with acne treatments, such as glycolic or salicylic acid.
  • Gradually introduce a facial brush into your routine by using it once or twice a week at first, and then increasing frequency of use.
  • Follow it up with topical medications, if you use any.
  • Add a layer of protection by applying moisturizer and sunscreen.