Wrinkles are some of the biggest skin problems that many women face, particularly those who are in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and older. Wrinkles are unavoidable since they’re part of the natural aging process, but there are some things that people can do to delay this process and slow down the rate at which wrinkles

Top 5 Best Facial Brushes

Using a facial brush is one of the best ways to give your skin a deep clean, stay away from pimples and other blemishes, and improve your skin tone and complexion. But the question now is this: which facial brush should you use? There are many options available in the market, so you need to
Using the right facial cleanser is important in maintaining healthy and attractive skin, but choosing the best cleanser for you isn’t always a walk in the park. If you’re not lucky, you’ll end up using something that can clog your pores, make your skin feel greasy, cause pimples and other blemishes, and speed up the
Like many women, you’ve probably heard about the sonic face brush and are wondering if you should invest in it or not. Well, the answer is: Yes, you should get your own sonic facial cleansing brush like the Lotus by Dr. K as soon as possible. By taking advantage of this device instead of just relying
Spring is in the air, but you shouldn’t just stop at spring-cleaning your house and making it tidier, fresher, and more beautiful. If you want to welcome springtime with a prettier and younger-looking skin, you’ll need to work on your skincare routine and make sure it’s appropriate for the warmer weather. Not sure what to
If you want to have cleaner and younger-looking skin, you won’t go wrong with using the new sonic face brush, Lotus by Dr. K. This facial cleansing brush uses modern sonic technology and contains 120,000 silky-soft microfiber bristles, which vibrate at 10,000 revolutions per minute. This incredibly fast vibration allows the sonic face brush to
For many busy women, a morning skincare routine is something that includes wiping gunk from the eye area and slathering on some SPF before walking out the door. If you’re one of those who keeps their morning skincare routine extremely minimal, it’s definitely time to revamp your routine and add a few more steps to
Facial Cleaning Brushes: Do They Really Work?
You’ve probably seen a facial cleansing brush at your favorite drugstore or on websites but are wondering if they’re worth the investment. Or you might keep pushing off the purchase because you think your hands or a wash rag is sufficient enough. But here’s the thing: when used properly, a facial cleansing brush is one
How Can Facial Brushes Give You a Deep, Thorough Clean?
If you’re looking for a cheap Clarisonic-like facial cleansing brush, but at a non-Clarisonic price, take a look at the Lotus Purifying Brush. It’s  facial  made of 120,000 silky soft bristles, which give your skin a nice massage while sweeping impurities away from your pores. As a result, it can effectively clean your pores and
What You Need to Know about MSM Cream?
If you regularly read beauty magazines or browse through drugstores or beauty boutiques, you’ve probably seen or heard about MSM cream. You might even know people who swear by this product and claim it’s helped them become more beautiful and radiant. But what exactly is MSM and how can it help you? Before we answer